Understanding HVAC Guidelines
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Understanding HVAC Guidelines

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Understanding HVAC Guidelines

Six Warranty Concerns To Be Aware Of Before Your New Furnace Installation

Marilou Girard

One of the most important concerns when you purchase a new furnace is the warranty. You need to understand the terms of your warranty and make sure the furnace you're purchasing offers decent warranty coverage.

Warranty coverage gives you peace of mind regarding your new furnace and helps protect you financially. The following are six warranty concerns you should be aware of before your new furnace installation

The possible ways you could accidentally void the warranty

One of the most important things you need to be aware of is how the warranty could potentially be voided. Warranties from manufacturers or HVAC technicians usually stipulate that they will no longer take effect if you do certain things to your furnace that could damage it. 

Ways you could potentially void your warranty include trying to do DIY repairs, having a different furnace technician perform repairs, failing to register equipment under warranty, or failing to keep up with furnace maintenance. 

The number you need to call if you need to use your warranty

You should make a note of who you need to contact for issues regarding your warranty. This way, you won't have to waste any time looking for the contact number if your furnace is malfunctioning and you need to get repair costs covered by your warranty right away.

The length of time your warranty lasts

The longer your warranty lasts, the better. You should look for warranty coverage lasting at least 10 years for a new furnace. However, you can expect many furnace warranties to offer coverage for a period of 20 years for the heat exchanger. 

The types of repairs and issues the warranty will cover

It's always a good idea to read the fine print of your warranty. The warranty on your furnace is not going to cover every malfunction.

Warranties are typically designed to cover repairs for malfunctions of the furnace equipment itself. They are not likely to cover damage to a furnace caused by a natural disaster, for example. Be sure you understand the limits of your coverage before your furnace is installed. 

The costs of the warranty

Ideally, you want to purchase a new furnace that comes along with warranty coverage at no additional cost. However, some warranties cost money. Usually, you should only have to pay if you opt for extended warranty coverage in addition to what the basic warranty offers for a new furnace. 

The costs for potential repairs that you may need to cover

Some warranties will not cover all the costs you incur as the result of a furnace malfunction. For example, some warranties will cover the costs of replacement parts but not the costs of labor for performing the actual repairs. 

Make sure you're aware of any expenses you'll have to cover if furnace repair needs come up so that you understand what you're actually getting out of the warranty.