Understanding HVAC Guidelines
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Understanding HVAC Guidelines

Once I purchased my first home, I realized that I needed to do my part in caring for my home appliances. In addition to reading the user manuals for my kitchen appliances and state-of-the-art plumbing system, I realized that I also needed to do a little research about HVAC. Because I had no experience with HVAC systems, I called out a professional to teach me a thing or two. It was fascinating to talk with him, and I was able to take notes about all kinds of important topics, such as maintenance, troubleshooting, and even shopping for a new system. This blog is all about understanding HVAC guidelines.

Understanding HVAC Guidelines

3 Major Reasons To Have Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned On A Regular Basis

Marilou Girard

When most homeowners think about home air conditioner maintenance, the things that come to mind are changing the filter, keeping the unit cleaned, and even the occasional checkup by an AC technician. However, there is one primary component of the home AC system that often gets neglected: the ductwork. The ductwork in your home has the massive responsibility of carrying forced air from the cooling unit to the vents in the rest of the house, so it does deserve your attention. Check out these three huge reasons why it is a good idea to have your air conditioning ductwork cleaned by a professional AC service on a regular basis. 

Avoid potential problems with pests in your ductwork. 

When you think about it, the ducts of your AC system are an excellent place for pests to hang out, especially during the seasons when the air is not in use. They have dark privacy in a place that is tucked away from the rest of the house, but still gives them shelter and easy access to food. Because pests, whether it is mice and rats or bugs, do sometimes make their way into the ductwork in your home, it is a good idea to have the ducts cleaned regularly before a small pest problem gets out of hand. 

Ensure the efficiency of your cooling system. 

Believe it or not, dust and dirt can accumulate in your ducts just the same as it can the rest of the house. Over time, this accumulation of debris can easily inhibit airflow inside the ducts, which means your air system will have to work harder to push cooled air through the ducts where it needs to go. Plus, ducts that are damaged are much more likely to be discovered in a timely fashion if you have the ductwork system cleaned by professionals regularly. 

Cut down issues with contaminated indoor air. 

Dust, pet dander, mold spores–all of these are examples of common contaminants that can get inside your home and cause problems for allergy sufferers inside. Unfortunately, a lot of these same air contaminants can be found hanging out inside of dirty ducts. As forced air moves through, the contaminants can be swept out into the rest of the house. Because of this, just having your ducts cleaned on occasion will help to cut down on problems with contaminated indoor air that is creating a poor quality living atmosphere inside of your home.